Brainfuse and SAT/ACT prep

Both the ACT and SAT take place the beginning of December, so now is a great time to get to studying! Brainfuse Helpnow is a database patrons may access from any AADL branch, or from your home computer when logged into your AADL account.

All practice tests are located in SkillSurfer. Simply click SkillSurfer from the homepage then choose College Entrance Test Prep to find the preparation guides and practice tests. Patrons can enhance their practice test experience by connecting to live tutors from 3 - 11 p.m., 7 days a week! Tutors are able to see the test feedback and can help with understanding specific test questions and building skills in various topics.

Be sure to browse the catalog for ACT and SAT test prep books, and check in with Circle K Homework Help session as well!


The last real distinction between the two tests manages paper content. On both the ACT and SAT, the article segment is discretionary; be that as it may, what you should expound on contrasts relying upon whether you're taking the SAT or ACT. On the SAT, you'll be given a section, which you should read and after that investigate.