The Brass Tacks Ensemble Theater offers season two of "Our Regularly Scheduled Program"


The Brass Tacks Theater Ensemble's Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Last October, The Brass Tacks Ensemble Theater released Our Regularly Scheduled Program, a unique take on quarantine theater, created by Isaac Ellis and James Ingagiola. The 10-part original YouTube series features short performances that touch on comedy and drama, featuring people who must show off their talents to the public, which demands entertainment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Should these people refuse to perform? The consequences are dire.

The Brass Tacks have just announced that the second season of Our Regularly Scheduled Program will debut on June 3:

The Brass Tacks Ensemble Theater announces the premiere of Season 2 of Our Regularly Scheduled Program, an original, theatrical, web series from the minds of James Ingagiola and Isaac Ellis. Season 2 will premiere June 3, 2021.

Our Regularly Scheduled Program was developed as a way for the Ann Arbor-based theater company to create artistic outlets in the time of COVID-19. Filmed over Zoom, the series contains performances by local and no-longer-local actors. Season 1 contained nine episodes ranging between 5 - 10 minutes each. 

Season 2 contains an additional 10 episodes with five more actors joining the cast. Along with the additional actors, we have also added two more writers to our writers’ room. We are truly proud to offer as many opportunities as possible to theater artists while we wait for stages to re-open. 

The series will premiere June 3, 2021 on the company’s Youtube Channel. Season 1 is  currently up and running (originally premiered in October 2020).

The series is free to watch, and ways to support the theater company are in the description. []


Set in a dystopian reality where Art (and the practice of it) is outlawed, the citizens themselves provide  entertainment. As part of their civic duty, ordinary people are forced to showcase their (non-artistic) “talents” for the diversion of the rest of the populace--with dire consequences if they do not comply. But while the government enforces these measures with an iron fist, there are those who are not content to remain in the shadows. Humor, mystery, personal revelation, and politics collide as each 5-10 minute episode gives us a look into the private-made-public lives of these ordinary folks and those who might attempt to disrupt the status quo.

Developed and Directed by James Ingagiola and Isaac Ellis.

Season 2 Written by Mary Conley, Isaac Ellis, James Ingagiola, and Russ Schwartz.

Featuring Robby Griswold as Terrance Baker, Brittany Batell as Deborah Copeland, Rachel Robbins Toon as Sue Gursky, Maegan Murphy as Carla Mills, Jeffrey Steiger as Gregory Clark, Amy Bogetto-Weinraub as Melinda Carpenter, Ethan Gibney as Wiley Marian, Jahmeel Powers as Antoine Shore, Angela Dill as Anna Fogelsmith, and Rob Sulewski as Daniel.

The Brass Tacks Ensemble is a non-Equity, membership-based, professional theater.