"Daisy Chain" features nine artists discussing what it means to emerge from the pandemic


The word "re-entry" has been popping up a lot as of late—and not just because two billionaires flew themselves into space.

It's because after the past 17 months of being in lockdown, many of us are re-entering society for the first time this summer. Going back to offices, reconnecting with friends and family, walking into places without a mask that we would have never considered entering even with one as the pandemic raged.

Amanda Krugliak, an arts curator and assistant director of arts programming for the University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities, had "re-entry" in mind when she came up with the idea of Daisy Chain, a video 'zine that features her taking to artists Ruth Buentello, Abigail DeVille, Hubert Massey, Shanna Merola, Scott Northrup, David Opdyke, Shani Peters, Sheida Soleimani, and Jeffrey Augustine Songco. Krugliak described the video this way:

Daisy Chain is a series of short vignettes documenting the candid and illuminating perspectives of nine national and regional artists during this time of re-entry. The name refers to the traditional string of daisies threaded together by their stems, as well as the contemporary wiring scheme by the same name used in electronics and engineering.  

In this time of re-entry, when we are cautiously emerging from a year in isolation, and also merging back into action at breakneck speed, Daisy Chain offers the opportunity for contemplation in its assemblage of artists, art, and ideas. It explores the ties that bind us, the past and the future, and the loose ends. Perhaps as important, it alludes to surprising and new combinations, and a renewed capacity to find joy.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.