Friday Five: Timothy Monger State Park, Doogatron, Galen Bundy, Indigo Virus, "Finlan's Fabulous Yooper Rock & Roll Fundraising Compilation"


Friday Five 11-05-2021

Friday Five highlights music by Washtenaw County-associated artists and labels.

This week features jangly pop from Timothy Monger State Park, electronica by Doogatron, experimental electronics via Galen Bundy, drum 'n' bass by Indigo Virus, and various artists coming together for Finlan's Fabulous Yooper Rock & Roll Fundraising Compilation.


Timothy Monger State Park, Knight Errand
It's been more than four years since Ypsilanti's Timothy Monger released his excellent Amber Lantern album and this new three-song EP is a welcome teaser of what might be next for the singer-songwriter. Knight Errand continues Monger's mastery of '60s-influenced indie-rock songs with layered production and smart arrangements.


Doogatron, "Monosyllabic Mutations" and "Burner"
Ypsilanti's Doogatron hasn't bothered to make an album since its 2018 self-titled debut. Instead, the duo (trio?) just keeps pumping out searching singles that explore all aspects of electronica, from techno and IDM to ambient and electro.


Galen Bundy, Lo-Fi Music to Have a Mental Breakdown To
Galen Bundy is a great jazz pianist. But the Ypsilanti artist is equally adept at exploring Aphex Twin-like experimental electronica that buzzes with singular sounds and off-kilter song structures.


Indigo Virus, My Inner System
Indigo Virus is a bloke named Brett from Berkshire, United Kingdom, but his new drum 'n' bass EP, My Inner System, was released by the Ypsilanti label AGN7 Audio, whose dedication to the genre is as admirable as its track record for releasing top-notch jams like these.


Various Artists, Finlan's Fabulous Yooper Rock & Roll Fundraising Compilation (Volume 4)
This ongoing compilation series of mostly guitar-based rock/country/folk/indie by Michigan artists is put together by the Ypsilanti label Belch Recordings to help a hometown teenager named Finlan GorgEffen who has quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.