Monday Mix: Father Dukes, Lo Dazz, Ownsey, Terminus, DykeChow


Cover art for the albums and singles featured in the Monday Mix.

The Monday Mix is an occasional roundup of mixes, compilations, podcasts, and more by Washtenaw County-associated artists, DJs, radio stations, and record labels. 

For this edition, we have mixes from Father Dukes, Lo Dazz, Ownsey, Terminus, and DykeChow.


Father Dukes, Fruits of Our Labor, Mix 0017 and Campout Mix Series
Hailey "Father Dukes" left her Kent, Ohio hometown to attend Eastern Michigan University. From Ypsilanti, she started making connections in the Ann Arbor and Detroit dance communities, especially after she took a DJing workshop through the Seraphine Collective. Similar to what Seraphine does in the Detroit area for women/femme/nonbinary musical creatives, the Immaculate Conception crew does in Washtenaw County—which continues what its founding members learned as members of the Michigan Electronic Music Collective (MEMCO) as students at the University of Michigan: Help others who want to learn how to create and DJ music.

Father Dukes' first mix for Immaculate Conception's Fruits of Our Labor series focuses on Chicago-style acid house. In contrast, the recent mix she did for Honco, a Pittsburgh-based promoter, builds off house beats and but also includes a little funk, disco, techno, and electro.


Lo Dazz, Fruits of Our Labor, 0016 and Collage Mix
Lo Dazz is a Detroit-based DJ who assembled an electro-and-synth-pop heavy Fruits of Our Labor mix for Immaculate Conception despite having yet to meet that crew in real life. She also recently put out Collage Mix on her own SoundCloud page, listing the genres as "leftfield, electro, breaks, techno, progressive, deep tech, trance, minimal, and drum n bass." So, yes, a true collage of sound.


Ownsey, The Portal 
Ownsey, not to be confused with Immaculate Conception co-founder Loamsy, made one of the first Fruits of Our Labor mixes under the handle DJ Ownee. But they're back under the Ownsey name and their personal SoundCloud page for The Portal, a 70-minute mix of acid and techno.


Terminus, Exposure Mix 066 
MEMCO closed out 2023 with its hardest, fastest Exposure Mix yet. I dunno anything about Terminus, but it sounds like they might like to wash back triple expressos with a gallon of Red Bull and a constant drip of Jolt Cola.


DykeChow, Q: Are We Not Mixing? A: This is DykeChow!
Valerie Martinko, aka DykeChow, first came to my attention via MEMCO and her time playing guitar in Ann Arbor garage-rockers The Blankies. Looks like DykeChow lives in Detroit now and she must be feeling mellow: Her latest mix doesn't go over 130 bpm. Q: Are We Not Mixing? A: This is DykeChow! is a winter-slow groove with lots of electro, moody synth-pop, and a bit of no-wave funk.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.