Monday Mix: WCBN's Local Music Show, Benjamin Miller, Immaculate Conception, The Boy Detective, Indie Pop Takeout, Sound and Silence


Illustration for Monday Mix featuring records, audio gear, and abstract shapes, mostly in teal blue and orange.

The Monday Mix is an occasional roundup of mixes, compilations, podcasts, videocasts, and more by Washtenaw County-associated artists, DJs, radio stations, and record labels. 

For this edition, we have studio gigs from WCBN's Local Music Show, an interview with Benjamin Miller, mixes from Immaculate Conception, an interview with The Boy Detective, and new episodes of Indie Pop Takeout and Sound and Silence.


WCBN Local Music Show
The spiritual predecessor to Pulp's Friday Five column is WCBN's Local Music Show, which celebrates 31 years of broadcasting studio concerts by Michigan artists with a b-day shindig at Ziggy's in Ypsilanti on February 28. The gig features Nickie P, Jib Kidder, Kelley Jean Caldwell, ECOATM (Fred Thomas), and Where She Creep, and while it will be broadcast on WCBN that night, you should get up, go out, and get down to celebrate this local treasure and all the great musicians the show highlights—many of whom you can check out on The Local Music Show's extensive Soundcloud archives.


InnerViews #378: Ben Miller
First, read this about Ypsilanti's Benjamin Miller, then come back. OK, so in addition to his prolific and varied musical output—including the new album by his chamber-jazz quartet The Eleventh Hour—Miller is also a visual artist, but he's never had an exhibition—until now. His paintings will be on display at the Ypsilanti Sweetwater's at 735 W. Cross through April 13, kicking off with an opening reception on Monday, February 26, 3 pm-5 pm. Additionally, Miller did a wide-ranging 90-minute interview recently with Gerry Fialka, the experimental filmmaker, author, and Frank Zappa associate.


SNE4K, Fruits of Our Labor, Mix 0018
DJ Auld, Fruits of Our Labor, Mix 0019

The Immaculate Conception collective continues to crank out great dance mixes—and these two bangers by SNE4K and DJ Auld will be great soundtracks as you get ready for the group's WEREHOUSE party at Homes Campus in Ann Arbor on March 16.


Never Mind the Broadcast, Here's Izzy Smut podcast, interview with Benny from The Boy Detective
Benny from the Ypsi ska band The Boy Detective sits down to talk about the group's fab new recordArt Thief—and what it's like to work in the funeral biz.

Indie Pop Takeout
Just the occasional reminder that a really great internet radio program, Indie Pop Takeout, comes straight outta Dexter. Or it did, anyway; DJ Chip Saam moved last fall to a new place in Michigan. We won't hold geography against him, though, especially since Saam does all the legwork to connect you with the best in modern-day jangle pop. New episodes come out every Saturday.


Canterbury House's Sound and Silence podcast
Canterbury House's "Sound and Silence" series is a twice-a-month concert at the Ann Arbor venue that features artists whose work is meditative in nature, but the event also includes a portion where the audience sits quietly for 15 to 25 minutes of contemplation. There's also an occasional podcast companion that features interviews with the artists and excerpts from performances.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.