Gutman Gallery reopens, features artists who were supposed to be in the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair


Gutman Gallery exterior

Photo courtesy of the Gutman Gallery.

The Gutman Gallery opened just in time to close.

The Guild of Artists & Artisans’ showcase spot at 118 N. 4th Avenue in Ann Arbor debuted in mid-February with the Amor: Looking Through the Eyes of Love exhibition, highlighting its creative members' takes on all things lovey-dovey.

A month later, the Gutman Gallery closed like everything else due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Guild that runs Gutman Gallery also produces the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair, which is canceled this summer. So the group is opening its doors three days a week with limited hours to display works from 38 of the jury-selected 2020 Art Fair artists.

The Gutman Gallery has an online shop and offers virtual art classes, but the Art Fair show is its first physical exhibition since the shutdown.

Below are the participating artists and some examples of their creations.

Fiona Collins, Vase Red and Pink Flowers

Fiona Collins, Vase Red and Pink Flowers

Anke Eischstaedt-Trampler, Leather Fringe Bag

Anke Eichstaedt-Trampler, leather fringe bag

Lisa Farris, Joshua Tree with Blue Blossom

Lisa Farris, Joshua Tree with Blue Blossom

Amy Ferguson, Morel Mushroom

Amy Ferguson, Morel Mushroom

Melissa Gates, Cherry Blossoms IX

Melissa Gates, Cherry Blossoms IX

Debra Hoffmaster, Arch #2

Debra Hoffmaster, Arch #2

Scott Jones, Technicolor Kick Line

Scott Jones, Technicolor Kick Line

Joy McCalvin, The Torry Tote

Joy McCalvin, The Torry Tote

James Parker, Veterans

James Parker, Veterans

Betsy Stecker, Mourning Cloak

Betsy Stecker, Mourning Cloak

Carolyn Weins, Fall Wetlands

Carolyn Weins, Fall Wetlands

Additional artists include:

  • Stan Baker
  • Sher Berman
  • Kristine Cravens
  • Michelle Detering
  • Daniel and Nisha Ferguson (DaNisha)
  • Carolyn Garay
  • Sarah Goodyear
  • Tim Gralewski
  • Susan Hamady
  • John Hartung
  • Ron Headings
  • Sarah Goodyear
  • Tim Gralewski
  • Susan Hamady
  • John Hartung
  • Ron Headings
  • Jan Kaulins
  • Paul King
  • Kim McClelland
  • Anne Monheit
  • Kandy Myny
  • Kristin Perkins
  • Annette Poitau
  • Jesse Richard
  • Matthew Richards
  • Carl Schneider
  • Emily Stauring
  • Simon and Joy Tarasiewicz
  • Michael Terra
  • James Wilbat
  • Jane Wilhelm
  • Owen Wittekindt

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.

The Gutman Gallery, 118 N. 4th Ave., Ann Arbor, is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm.


What a wonderful way to give art lovers the opportunity to experience a small slice of the joy that the A2AF brings!