Roundup: Nomo, Washi Con, A2 Monster Record Show


YES, ’MO: It’s been 7 years since the Ann Arbor-formed band Nomo released its last album, Invisible Cities (Ubiquity Records), but a few photos posted to the avant-Afro-gamelan-funk band’s Facebook page in August indicate a new record’s been made. We reached out to the band for info on when it might be released and haven’t heard back, but perhaps all secrets will be revealed when Nomo plays the Blind Pig on Saturday, January 21. And even though Nomo has been quiet for a long while, the band's core nine musicians have kept busy. Most prominently, saxophonist-leader Elliot Bergman moved to Chicago and released two pop-dub albums as Wild Belle (which includes his sister, Natalie) and formed the experimental Metal Tongues, whose sound is built on his hand-made kalimbas with synths and drums. Meanwhile, trumpeter Justin Walter has released a number of recordings under his own name, including the great 2013 LP Lullabies & Nightmares (Kranky), and saxophonist Dan Bennett leads his own jazz groups. (➤ Blind Pig event) (➤ Nomo)


Cosplayer Cassidy Marsh marches to the water tower. Photograph by Kayla Wenzel of Trapping Wonderland Cosplay.

FURRIES & FRIENDS: Sometimes dressing up as a fuzzy animal and pretending you’re an anthropomorph is the only way to deal with dark days. Thankfully, Eastern Michigan University recognizes this and on Saturday, January 21, it's hosting the second annual Washi Con, which celebrates all things anime, gaming, and cosplay, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. with an after-party at the Ypsi Ale House. Whether it’s Pokemon training or Animal Crossing meet-ups, Washi Con has something for the escapist in all of us. (➤ Washi Con events list)


The Iguanas are hitchhiking all the way to this Monster music event.

MONSTER SOUNDS: Don’t have enough physical media clogging up your home, office, and storage sheds? Add to the piles this weekend when Ann Arbor's Monster Record & CD Show hosts the first of its four events this year on Sunday, January 22, at Weber’s Inn, 3050 Jackson Rd., from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $3, but for $15 you can get in at 8 a.m. in case you’re worried someone will buy that super-rare CD Monster by REM before you can get your paws on it. (➤ A2 Monster Record & CD Show event page)

Christopher Porter is a Library Technician and editor of Pulp.