Ann Arbor Tech Film Showcase features 8 shorts that analyze the consequences of technology


A collage of stills from the 2018 Ann Arbor Tech Film Showcase.

The total combined running time of the eight movies in the first Ann Arbor Tech Film Showcase is 59 minutes -- which seems the perfect length in our age of hyper-accelerated information cycles. 

Sponsored by Duo Security, Ann Arbor SPARK, A2Geeks, and Q+M, the Ann Arbor Tech Film Showcase is at the Michigan Theater on Friday, Jan. 19, 5-9 pm. Its mission is “to increase cultural diversity and interest in tech films and to promote, discuss and educate in the medium of science fiction and technology. We encourage rich storytelling, filled with infinite possibilities that challenge us and question our perception of the future.”

The evening kicks off with a pre-screening meet and greet in the lobby and the night will include a panel discussion with the filmmakers whose movies “explore a selection of short films that highlight the consequences of technology.”

The Ann Arbor Tech Film Showcase is free, but you have to register for tickets.

Here's a rundown of the shorts being shown:

Home Sweet Home
Directed by Noelle Skrzynski
Two siblings experience strange things in their late father’s home - is it a glitch in Google Home that’s causing these disturbances, or something more sinister?

U Mad?
Directed by Chrysta Cherrie (program manager of the Ann Arbor Tech Film Showcase)
When dating in the digital age, is social media a welcome guest or a third wheel?

Message Send Failure
Directed by Joanie Wind
A woman maniacally illustrates the futility and frustration of online activism and discourse.

Directed by June Bae
Social media addicted and self-obsessed teenage girls unknowingly find themselves with incriminating evidence. Through a selfie.

Digital Dogma
Directed by Hafsah Mijinyawa (creative director of the Ann Arbor Tech Film Showcase)
A captive engineer is presented with an unusual request by his own, equally unusual invention.

It's Dave: Chapter 2
Directed by Ben Armes
A regular day at the office quickly turns into a nightmare when a computer stops following its orders.

The Sphere
Directed by Joshua Charson
In the not-so-distant future, tech has completely changed the way we communicate, but what have we given up?

Directed by Rik Cordero (director of the Ann Arbor Tech Film Showcase)
A young couple chooses an experimental procedure to save their unborn child. But how far will they go?

The Ann Arbor Tech Film Showcase runs Friday, Jan. 18, from 5-9 pm at the Michigan Theater, 603 E. Liberty Rd., Ann Arbor. The event is free is you RSVP to