Washtenaw County Mixtape: 2018 [Updated: 2/20/19]


Washtenaw County Mixtape: 2018

A regularly updated collection of music released in 2018 by Washtenaw County-associated acts and labels. Submit music to pulp@aadl.org.

Priest Potion
Priest Potion LP
Genre: alt-country, roots

"Calm Down" single
Genre: Indie rock

Weighted EP
Genre: hip-hop, electronic, jazz

Drew Denton
Denton Cemetary LP
Genre: hip-hop

Andy Milne & Dapp Theory
The Seasons of Being LP
Genre: jazz

Naked Dance
Something Nearby LP
Genre: jazz, experimental

Hill Climber LP
Genre: rock, soul

Joey Dosik
Inside Voice LP
Genre: soul, funk

The Kelseys
Summer Light EP
Genre: indie rock

Sugar Prince
Purple Tape LP
Genre: ambient, instrumental, outsider

Matthew Dear
Bunny LP
Genre: electronic, indie rock

Electric Blanket
Viper LP
Genre: indie rock

Dre Dav
The City of Trees 2 LP
Genre: hip-hop

Evan Haywood
Perfumed Gardens LP
Genre: indie rock, garage, acid folk

False Figures
False Figures LP
Genre: folk rock, country, indie rock

Aareus Jones & Dyelow
Light and Water EPs
Genre: hip-hop

Little Traps
Can't Count LP
Genre: folk

Louis Picasso
Behind the Paintings 2 LP
Genre: hip-hop

Secret Society EP
Genre: indie rock

Hz Donut LP
Genre: indie rock

Mutable Moons LP
Genre: indie rock, garage rock

Once United
Welcome to Reality LP
Genre: indie rock

Foster Records label compilation

Ossi Music label compilation

ALT. Facts
The Suburban Nation LP
Genre: indie rock

The Left Lanes
"Autumn" single
Genre: indie rock

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.

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