Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers rocked their weekend residency at The Blind Pig


When Pulp talked to Joe Hertler in March 2017, he explained that for him and his group, The Rainbow Seekers, “Every show is a celebration in human connection. We are honored to cultivate an experience where people can have fun and be themselves.” 

Two years later, the connection still remains.

Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers played at The Blind Pig on both March 30 and 31, their second two-night stop in Ann Arbor this academic year. Before the March 31 show even began, people were hollering at the band from the floor and taking pictures of flower-strewn stage. 

Looking around the room, it was clear the Rainbow Seekers’ music appeals to all types of people. The band's audience is eclectic -- as a University of Michigan student, I felt like I was on the younger side of the crowd. This didn’t stop people of all ages from jamming out to Hertler’s hot hits, from fellow college students to Joe Hertler’s mom, who he shouted out toward the end of their set. The entire crowd was singing and dancing throughout the entire night and the feel-good energy that radiated throughout the entire venue is something that can be hard to find, but the Rainbow Seekers delivered. 

The group started off the show with playing hits from their 2017 album, Pluto, and their angsty second studio album, 2015's Terra Incognita. The Rainbow Seekers then played a few new singles, including their smooth new hit "Slow Burn." As usual, between their groovy hits and their captivating performance, the Rainbow Seekers put on a show to remember. 

Lucie Rosenthal is studying sociology at the University of Michigan, class of 2020.