Friday Five: JTC, The Kelseys, Diesel Marine, Lily Milo, and DJ FLP


Friday Five 10-16-2020

Friday Five is where we celebrate new and recent music by Washtenaw County artists.

This week we start in the club, head down some dark country lanes, then head back to the dancefloor with new music by Tadd Mullinix's JTC, The Kelseys, Diesel Marine, Lily Milo, and DJ FLP. 

JTC, "All Clans Shortcast Era"
Ann Arbor's Tadd Mullinix scheduled five digital singles for 2020 under his techno guise JTC and this is the third. Spin this in the Nectarine Ballroom in your brain.


The Kelseys, "I'm Falling"
Like Mullinex (and Fred Thomas and few others), the Ann Arbor pop trio The Kelseys seem to appear on these pages every (other) week because they're so prolific. This single has a bit more of an electronic feel to it, which recalls singer Peter Kwitny's solo project KWITNY.


Diesel Marine, Staycation
Staycation, visual artist Dylan Strzynski's instrumental album as Diesel Marine, was recorded in his Dexter basement, building the songs up by layering live instruments one by one. This is soundtrack music for when you roll the windows down, turn the heater up, and take a dusk drive through rural Washtenaw.


Lily Milo, Stars Go Out
Ann Arbor's Lily Milo writes small, personal songs that are delivered with her big, personal voice on this six-song mini-album. The music's overall vibe is indie-folk seasonal blues, perfect for the fall.


DJ FLP, [ I n t u i t i o n ]
Ann Arbor's DJ FLP has released six EPs since March, with [ I n t u i t i o n ] being the latest. His music jumps between house, techno, IDM, and booty bass, easily walking the line between dancefloor throwdowns and cerebral workouts.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.