Bassist and Blue LLama Jazz Club booker Dave Sharp picks five albums that influenced him


Dave Sharp

When he's not playing bass in his Worlds band—or any number of other jazz and world-music groups in the Southeast Michigan area—Dave Sharp books the talent at Blue LLama Jazz Club on Main Street in Ann Arbor.

Based on his own music and the groups he has play Blue LLama, you can tell Sharp has big ears and catholic tastes. 

But if you ever wondered what records influenced his own musical journey, Sharp talked to the Analog Attack vlog out of Japan for its new series, Leaders and Sidemen.

In just under 35 minutes, Sharp picked out five albums from his collection that made a big impact on him and talked about why. But the twist with this process is that Analog Attack's host then has to find LPs from his own collection that feature sidemen from the records his guest picks:

Sharp's album Nairobi Music, recorded in Kenya with Ndio Sasa, came out in July on LP/CD/digital via Dr. Pete Larson's Ann Arbor-based Dagoretti Records label. On the same day, the self-titled studio release by Dr. Pete Larson and His Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band also came out and it features Sharp on bass along with fellow Michigan musicians Fred Thomas, Kat Steih, Mike List, and Tom Hohman. The album mixes Kenyan nyatiti music run through the psychedelic-rock ringer, and the song "Abiro" recently received a cool animated video created by another Michigan musician, bassist Ben Willis:

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