A Quick Guide to the 61st Ann Arbor Film Festival


The Ann Arbor Film Fest (AAFF) is always a tornado of activity and it's sometimes hard to keep up—not just with all the great events and screenings but also the media coverage.

We've published three articles highlighting the 61st edition of this Ann Arbor institution, which runs March 21-26 in person and through March 29 online, and fellow media outlets have also been on the case. Plus, AAFF published a wonderful series of video interviews with several directors whose films will be shown.

Below is a survey of all the coverage we've found for the 2023 film fest, along with links to AAFF's most pertinent schedules.


Quick Links:
Complete schedule
Free events & off-the-screen happenings (music, visual art, discussions, etc.)
After parties
Ann Arbor Film Festival Archive, hosted by the Ann Arbor District Library
Links to films screened at previous festivals that can be watched online by AADL cardholders 


Miscellaneous Media:
➥ "creative:impact - Frank Uhle has screened it all" [WEMU, March 21, 2023]
➥ "Sound 'Waves': Chien-An Yuan plays off the screen at the Ann Arbor Film Festival" [Pulp, March 17, 2023]
➥ "Cinema Chat: The 61st Ann Arbor Film Festival to begin on March 21st" [WEMU, March 16, 2023]
➥ "WSU’s communication department represents at 61st Ann Arbor Film Festival" [WSU, March 16, 2023]
➥ "A Portrait Study: Ann Arbor Film Festival highlights the Black, queer, experimental cinema of Edward Owens" [Pulp, March 15, 2023]
➥ "Societies of Cinema: Frank Uhle creates AADL exhibit, hosts a roundtable at the 61st Ann Arbor Film Fest discussing the cultural influence of campus film groups" [Pulp, March 14, 2023]
➥ "Avant garde cinema in A2" [Toledo City Paper, March 1, 2023]


Interviews With Directors:
AAFF interviewed several directors whose movies are in competition at the film fest this year. The venue/date/time information is hyperlinked to the place you can buy tickets and find out more info; the movie title is hyperlinked to the trailer or film's website. Many of the movies are also available to be screened online between March 21-29.

➥ Adriana Rojas Espitia, director of Diòba
(State Theatre, Wed., March 22, 7 pm)

➥ Daphne Xu, director of Huahua’s Dazzling World and Its Myriad Temptations
(State Theatre, Fri., March 24 9 pm)

➥ Jorge Jácome, director of Super Natural
(State Theatre, Sat., March 25, 9 pm)

➥ Sevinaz Evdike, director of Berbu - The Wedding Parade
(State Theatre, Thu., March 23, 5 pm)

➥ Rainer Kohlberger, director of Answering the Sun
(Michigan Theater, Sun., March 26, 2:30 pm; not available to screen online)


➥ Gaëlle Rouard, director of Darkness, Darkness, Burning Bright
(U-M School of Kinesiology Building, Sat., March 25, 3 pm)

➥ Emilija Škarnulyte, director of Burial
(State Theatre, Wed., March 22, 5 pm; not available to screen online)

➥ Harald Hutter, director of Up the River With Acid
(U-M School of Kinesiology Building, Sat., March 25, 1 pm)

➥ Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento, director of Adieu Sauvage
(State Theatre, Sat., March 25, 5 pm)

➥ Yannick Mosimann, director of I have not been afraid of going blind for a long time
(State Theatre, Sun., March 26, 12 pm).

➥ Jannes Callens, director of Dor (Longing)
(State Theatre, Fri., March 24, 5 pm)


Trailers & More:
Several university students, AAFF staffers, and filmmakers created trailers and other promo materials for the festival.

➥ Trailers created by students in the experimental animation course taught by Heidi Kumao at the University of Michigan's Stamps School of Art & Design:

➥ Trailer created by Nik Liguori from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit:


➥ Trailer created by Jimmy Pawlowski, AAFF Archive Assistant who found images from all 61 AAFF Programs (1963 to 2023) and presents them here in homage to the 1973 AAFF First Place Winner Frank Film by Frank Mouris.


➥ Trailer by AAFF Video Production Assistant Coco DelVecchio for the experimental animation course taught by Heidi Kumao at the University of Michigan's Stamps School of Art & Design. DelVecchio also created the Moose clip below advertising the film fest's signature bottle cocktail, The Moose Manupelli, created by the Ann Arbor Distilling Company:


➥ "Gather Town" is the Ann Arbor Film Festival's virtual space. Visual artist and experimental animator Tracy Miller-Robbins created this video as a guide to AAFF's virtual world, which is the only place you can see the festival's 10-minute sizzle reel previewing the films being shown this year.


Visual & Performance Artist Interviews on CTN's Let's Watch:
➥ Joel Swanson talks about his video installation People in Boxes at the Michigan Theater; Brent Coughenour discusses his performance-art piece The Sick Sense Part 3 at the Michigan Theater; Troy Ramos goes through Moving in Shorter Thoughts, a nine-channel audio/visual installation on display at the Ann Arbor Art Center; Dawn Roe explains her work Conditions for an Unfinished Work in Mourning: Wretched Yew on view at the University of Michigan North Quad 2435, [CTN's Let Watch, December 22, 2022]

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.

The 61st Ann Arbor Film Festival runs March 21-26 in person and through March 29 online at various locations in town. Visit aafilmfest.org for tickets and more info.