WFT Hyperzults + Annual Thank You



That's triv-ee-OH-lee as in the food.


Anyway, we've got ZULTS and THANKS. First, the THANKS. But first, the ZULTS.


And here, finally, are the ZULTS:


Game 1:

1. Interrobangz‽

2. The Remnants (of Tenacious Trivarians)

3. Curb Your Infusiasm


Game 2:

1. Interrobangz‽

2. The Remnants (of Tenacious Trivarians)

3. The Barn Stormers


Now let's not all be terrifeared and askeered of some of our more dominant teams who LOOOOOOOOVE World Famous Trivia. It just happened to be a super ON night for these jokers, and when you're ON, you're OFF I mean on. Are these teams best with questions about ham, Tom Servo, and Eurovision? Sure, but RARELY do I ask questions about Tom Servo or Eurovision. So, I, Your Host Kit, personally invite you out to World Famous Trivia on

Friday, January 26th, The New Year, Earth, Time, Existence, Galaxies and Stuff, also Ann Arborish vicinity (5:30pm)

to topple these triumphant titans of trivia.


But first, the THANKS!


It is time for my one annual THANK YOU to everyone who makes World Famous Trivia such a joyous occasion each and every single absolute possible month of the decade, starting with your favorite year and,  I'm certain, mine, 2024! And I'm not even talking about myself here. I'm talking about YOU, for being such a fun, adventurous audience. We had exactly 60 Triviolis (and fourteen teeming teams) slingin' answers this past Friday night, which breaks any possible record ever set by any human, including those people who pull jets around with their teeth. So, again, THANK YOU, or that's what I would say, if I hadn't already thanked you at the beginning of this paragraph, which is my limit. But not really! So several thanks. It ain't WFT without you. Or AIN'T it?


As you waltz into the new year, remember, participation in World Famous Trivia contributes to a long, healthy, and happy life.[citation needed]


Time for snacks,


Your Host Kit




Hi hi hi World Famous Trivia WFTers,


Just a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong short message to yous alls again to VERY SIMPLY say:


You think YOU like trivia? Wait until you see ME like trivia!


Send this to your pals:


And hey guess what for the first time ever but not the first last time ever you can get a free hintclue for one of tonight's questions at:


Your Kit,


Your Host



Hey Is WFT This Friday OR WHAT

Good evenernoon WFT Triviolies,


I don't know how one could so much as BEGIN to answer the question posed in the subject line despite not even the dashiest dash of a question mark, but hey I'll give it a shot:

WORLD FAMOUS TRIVIA OR SOMETHING 5:30pm on Friday, December 15 @ Westgate Branch

I'd be shocked if anyone knew what that meant but I feel like it's dashy and daring enough sounding for pretty much everyone to show up. My personal opinion on the matter is that after everyone shows up they can play some famous trivia.


Are YOU one of the many everyone? Do you know someone who ISN'T one of everyone? Send them these links already!


Private (public) invitation you don't need to show at the door:


Exclusive (inclusive) website which, from this day forward, will have a SPECIAL HINTCLUE PIXTURE about one of this month's questions! I could call it a HUE or a CLINT but those words are absurd. Anyway:


ROYT. See you there.


Your hostpal (or post or HAL, but those words are absurd),





Solemn Reminder: WFT TONIGHT! 11/18

Dear Solemnies and Triviolies,


I'd just like to real quickly take up a lot of your time by saying




If you'd like to go to World Famous Trivia, then do that.


Here's YOUR lonk:


If you'd like to send that lonk to someone, DOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN'T!


SEE YOU THERE! ---------> (?)


He's got a bicycle,


Your Non-Co-Host Kit



WFT Next SATURDAY (11/18) Night!

Hi hi ha I MEAN hi there World Famous Triviolies,


Ya gotcher FEVER and yer FIGHTING and yer LIVE and yer SLAM MASTERS, but now ya gotcher

WFT SATURDAY NIGHT! November 18, 5:30pm @ Westgate Branch

We are foraying our first foray into that fabled land they call the weekend, which you can pronounce with the emphasis on the END part like weekEND if you wanna have some REAL fun. It's like when you want to say adVERtisement or SamuEL or SOUP.


Ok! Besides that commercial for Sam's Soups, I am proud to announce what I just said. World Famous Trivia, SATURDAY NIGHT, next week on November 18!


Here's a link you can send to your pets, who unfortunately aren't invited since they're known to cheat. But YOU are invited, and I will see YOU there!


Your hostpal,





TOONYTE! WFT - Dr. Spooky!


One simple final reminder for you, Honored World Famous Trivia Society For Trivia People:


World Famous Trivia - The Return Of The Curse Of Dr. Spooky's Ghost

TONIGHT! 5:30pm @ Westgate Branch, Westside Room


Bring your brains, whether in a jar or still in your head somewhere.




AND the lonk: <-------------send to your scariest (as in the Halloween way) friends


Your crumbled servant,


Dr. Spooky, the doctoriest ol' doctor on the block



WFT: Dr. Spooky In Action TOMORROW NIGHT!

Dear Toasty Ghosts,


In truly horrific and blood-cuddling style appropriate for the season, I shall say oh gee good golly darn heavens for sakes I missed reminding you about



until now!


That's TOMORROW NIGHT already, so getcher bones ready for some terrifying (but not terrifying and actually quite fun) trivia action. Part 2 of the Autumn Trifecta Classic is the ONLY themed World Famous Trivia, so if you like themes, come get themed.


P.S. The theme is Halloween.


$20 and $10 Target Gift Cards, AADL Fun Sacks, and other treats 'n treats provided!*


Your Host Kit signing off until November, as the hour belongs to Dr. Spooky


*Some of these items will only be provided to you if you win, so make sure you win.



WFT 'Zults 'n Datez!


Goodtime goodness in the morning to you, you,


WEEELLLLLLLLLL what a wonderful night of Notorious Earthly Trivia everyone on Earth had this past Friday (night) at Westgate! We had ten tough as tungsten teams testing their trivia tenacity, with a veritable PILE of winners taking home $20 and $10 Target Gift Cards (which they don't take home and we mail to them) and AADL Fun Sacks! WHO were those winners? They were them:


Game 1:

1. For Whom The Boing Tolls (double-winners for the evening!)

2. To Have And Have Not (WFT rookies and happy anniversary-havers!)

3. Jopping (WFT rookies!)


Game 2:

1. Interrobangz (unstoppable WFT vets!)

2. Tenacious Trivarians (where have I read those two words before)

3. For Whom The Boing Tolls (I already said that)


You are likely saying to yourself, "Hey how many more WFTs do we have to sit through in 2023?" Here's a sloppy/paste from your previous email:


-Friday, Octuary 20, 5:30pm @ Westgate: WFT - The Return Of The Curse Of Dr. Spooky's Ghost [Pt. 2 ATC] (link)

-Saturday, Novober 18, 5:30pm @ Westgate: WFT - Saturday Night! [Pt. 3 ATC] (lank)

-Friday, Decembril 15, 5:30pm @ Westgate: WFT - some kind of tedious title (lonk)


Nobody DARES you to go to these except me, your host.


RIGHT! Thank you for making World Famous Trivia the highlight of your month, and I'm SURE mine.




Your Host