World Famous Trivia Friday 3/24 Apparently!

Various contestants,

Some of you have heard of World Famous Trivia, and some of you even LIKE it. So, it is my terrible burden to blast the following informative... data at you. Ugh I wish there was a noun for things that are informative. Anyway, here is the informative thing:

WFT FRIDAY 3/24, 5:30pm @ WESTGATE

You know this, y'all know this.

Let us (as in you) keep it short today with the following links.

1) <----------send this one to your friends!

B) <----------DON'T send this one to ANYBODY

Oh my dear sweet sky the questions this Friday are going to be totally off the school's chain hook, which is old.


I hope to see you Friday, as do ALL OF YOUR RIVALS.


The person who wrote this and who is the host of World Famous Trivia too,





Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey you buncha WFT goofs!


WORLD FAMOUS TRIVIA has been moved to




It's like the wild east over at Westgate right now due to NATURE'S WRATH, and so thusly because of the lack of room and tables and any ounce of enthusiasm, we are moving to AADL Pittsfield Branch!

2359 Oak Valley Dr. - Google Maps Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (734) 327-4200

If you have any questions or concerns or tips on where to find a good fish 'n chip around here, please call or text me PERSONALLY at the number above.

We are tentatively planning to start at 5:30ish, but we will delay so everyone has a chance to show up their faces up.




It's Christian who wrote this, who is the host of WFT



Before any of MY limbs fall off, I am going to tell you ONE THING:


Not only are you invited to be there, but you are DEPLORED to be there.

That's all for now. It's a wacky, wacky day, and furthermore week, so I must let you be, momentarily. The main point is whatever is in big letters above.


Stay de-iced,


Christian who is the host


WFT Zults From 01/27 + Horoscopes!

Hello everyone who has ever heard of World Famous Trivia,

Appy-polly-loggies for my, how do you say, prompt and punctual review of our punct and promptual World Famous Trivia session on the VERY January 27th that it happened.

*Did You Know: "We" had FIFTY THREE happy campers who enjoyed trivia while toasting smudgie pies and getting rained on two years in a row at our "most" recent WFT! That is the highest mathematical number of confabulants and recalcitrants since pprrrooooobbabbbbly the first WFT ever at AADL, in July of 2019, when we had just over 60, most of whom NEVER RETURNED after they saw how I do things.

Anyway that (this last one) was lucky lucky number 13 teams worths, and ALL thirteen of them won! Except for nine of them, who aren't listed here:

Game 1

1) Interrobangz (30)

2) Frog and Toad (29)

3) Puzzled Peeps (27, TB1)


Game 2

1) Interrobangz (37)

2) Mt. Fuji Principle (30)

3) Puzzled Peeps (28)


Wow what action.


Also I would like everyone to know about the philanthropicity and magnanimity (huh that's a real word) of the Interrobangz! for passing along the more "valuable" prizes to their co-foes. YES, they are the team to beat, but I don't want people to get discouraged about winning or losing the coveted local Target gift cards or the highly regarded AADL Fun Sacks. The Interrobangz! have been beaten, and "we" like to see it, so study up on Cinnamon Toast Crunch mascots and lakes with super naughty names already if you're into it.

The next World Famous Trivia is only three weeks away, Friday, February 24 at 5:30pm!



If you like being alive, check out THIS you gotta see <---------


THANK YOU for joining me for World Famous Trivia every month! I am a delight.


Your person,


C is for Host



Trivia Of Worldwide Renown THIS FRIDAY 1/27!


Are you or someone you know in desperate need of I don't know some kind of situation in which some jerk throws questions at you and you're like oh I think I know that one? Or a similar situation in which a similar jerk puts the same questions or even DIFFERENT questions up your face and you're like hey come on that feels really weird but I think I know that one? Or an even similarer situation in which you're like ugh just tell me when the next



Guess what I know that situation and I can even provide you with it freeeeee of charge (besides precious hours before you perish)! Thus it is my terrible delight to recommend, without a moment's glance, to you, society, the very thing upon which you may answer questions that have been carelessly placed up your face. It's for this on this date at this time at that:


And if you're not into any of it, might I recommend a variety of other information-tainment activities that are probably happening around the world just for you:







Something I haven't mentioned yet:

Something I will mention after one of these words I'm typing:

See you Friday for prizes, disgizes, surprizes, french frizes, global crizes, chicken pot pizes, The Sun Also Rizes, and probably fun.


Your host on Friday,


Christian, Friday's host



*ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ my invaluable co-host Court the Court-host most graciously pointed out to me that TODAY is 1/23 and of course WFT is not TODAY but




As we all know, Court is way smarter than I am and will now be hosting World Famous Trivia forever and I am abolishing this email list also forever or AT LEAST for the next thirty minutes as a show of disrespect to myself.


See you then unless you're too grossed out by my disprofessionalariumism. Though to be fair it says 1/27 everywhere else. Just not on the million dollar marquee AADL just bought for us.


Your former host,




Next WFT Friday, January 27? Yes.

Greetings from time,

Since I've had three or four unbemused inquiries regarding the thing we do together every month, most of us voluntarily, I thought "I" would send a quicking...ishly email via electricity to remind you that the next World Famous Trivia is:


5:30pm FRIDAY, JANUARY 27 @ Westgate Branch <--------nobody knows what that does


Note that there is a bit of a larger, perhaps even longer, gahp between WFTs because of November and December's holiest days that I've ever seen.

One thing of which I'd like to remind everyone is that starting in 2023 we will have trivia questions.

Ok see you there!


Your host from 2022,


Christian, January 4 2023



To those of you who are reading this,

If there was anyone who DIDN'T have fun at last week's World Famous Trivia, it certainly wasn't me, except for afterward when I went somewhere and ordered "loaded" pretzel bites and there wasn't a single thing loaded into them. I even had to LIFT them to dip them and then lift them again to eat them. Name me one restaurant where you have to lift stuff. Anyway, like I was saying, I had a super fun time with those snacks AND at World Famous Trivia, where everyone on this email list was.



WFT, 5:30pm Friday January 27 @ Westgate Branch



Czech these scores or what.

Game 1

1) Interrobangz (17, TB1)

2) Rudolph's Posse (17, TB2)

3) Puzzled Peeps (15)


Game 2

1) Puzzled Peeps (17)

2) Interrobangz! (14)

3) At-Eek (11)


As you dare to know, these teams, being the winners with the most least-useful knowledge, could win, did win, and then won, either a $20 or $10 Target Brand Supermarket Store gift card, or THE BAG. THE BAG of course contains AADL cork coasters and multi-colored hexagonal crayons. I'm serious.

Hey and guess what, even though not a single recipient of this email read past the first "those" in this email, nobody, not even any of the teams who were at World Famous Trivia, got the final question of Game 1 correct. Now, some of you might say that this denotes a lousy question, and you would be right. I guess. I don't know, I feel like a good "rule" for writing trivia questions is that if nobody gets it right, it ain't a good question. AND YET, I thought it was fun, and I think everyone who was there had fun with it until they hated it. Here it is:


What is the only U.S. state that borders as many states as it has letters in its name?


Have a go at it without looking at a map, or just look at a map if you hate trivia and small cats and dogs.

Ok I do believe I am out of time and anything at all even remotely interesting to say or type, so I'm out.

Thank you to everyone who continues to come to World Famous Trivia! See you all in the new year, which I'm sure will be different this time, and things are really going to change.


Your Host,

Christian, employed host



Town Famous I MEAN WORLD Famous Trivia This Friday!

Greetings TFT I MEAN WFT fans who enjoy the overuse of jokes that weren't funny the first time,

Many of you, including me, will never even HEAR of World Famous Trivia until

Friday, December 16, 5:30pm @ Westgate Branch

I insist that you continue to hear of it while you are playing on Friday, as well as see of it and probably smell of it. As you aren't not non-unaware, prizes shall not only be awarded, but possibly even rewarded, the likes of which are of the utmost inclusivity, whose very inclusion includes "local" Target Gift Cards equaling a dollar amount/value, and arguably the most popular prize in all of trivinometry: the bag.

And here's a little gift for your unloved ones this holiday season:

Check out that graphic the marketing team made. That's real good.

AND here's a giant gift for your unloving ones:

The only thing I look forward to AT ALL in my life is seeing you this Friday for World Famous Trivia. That and those little Fritos Honey BBQ crispy Flavor Twist things.


Your former host,

Current Host Christian


WFT ATC3 Zults 'n That


Good morning when I wrote this, World Famous Trivia Triers,

Wow, I say, what a fantasmic night of incredible trivia action forthshown last Friday night at AADL's world famous but not trivial Westgate Branch for World Famous Trivia, which took place at night! With almost 50 crazed-out trivia nutjobs in attendance, and 14 teams, it was our biggest and most humiliating WFT since 2020, a year when everything went well! Your hosts thank you MOST thankingly for making it your monthly duty and by gosh PURPOSE to fix all of the world's problems through trivia.

A quick admonishment before some zults are vealed. The next WFT will be held at an unknown time and location here:

FRIDAY, DEC. 16, 5:30pm @ AADL Westgate Branch

Now, no one knows exactly when or where that is, so "stay" tuned "to" your favorite weekly emails for more Mississippi Funclooz regarding this frightening mystery.

AND NOW, some zults.

Please note that the following SFW zults will highlight the fabulous winners of not-so-unfabulous prizes such as Local American Target Store Gift Cards and AADL Bags To Grab!


Game 1

1) Interrobangz (34, 34)

2) Tenacious Trivarians (32, 33)

3) Mount Fuji Principle (32, 32)


Game 2

same thing


I don't think we've ever had more viciously exciting results than that! The main point is that every single possible person who showed up for WFT IS the smartest person of all time, possibly, and they had even more fun than they are smart!

For fuller zults, please conzult this here site here, which I made:

IF you are interested in being a part of World Famous Trivia in December, please come to World Famous Trivia.

P.S. Thanks teams for all the snacks!


Your Host,



World Famous Trivia Last Night I MEAN TONIGHT!


If you think you can just keep on livin' and tell people you're livin' without livin' through World Famous Trivia, then hunny, you ain't livin'.

What I recommend for said not-quite-livin' malady is to crawl yer way over to


I'm told, from various shady and livin' sources, that's where WORLD FAMOUS TRIVIA is being lived.

If you'd like proof, live through this here link:

And then keep on livin' directly toward this thing:

And remember, this is the last WFT before Thankslivin', so live it while it's steamy. Though you might not end up having time for WFT, not with all the livin' you'll be doing.


See you live,


Your Host Christian, WFT CEO & YHC