Fifth Avenue Studios Presents Melody Korkmaz

Melody Korkmaz will perform music from her debut album “I Know You Didn’t Ask,”. She's a 20-year-old independent singer-songwriter who uses her music to explore themes of identity, love, and self-expression. If you like indie, pop, or R&B vibes, come and listen!

Melody's album was created with the help of Fifth Avenue Studios and will be available to stream in the AADL catalog on February 17.

The Anatomy of a Pandemic Recording with Curtis Glatter

Curtis Glatter will discuss his latest release with Troikastra. Troikastra is a cross country music trio of Michigan based drummer/electronic musician Curtis Glatter, turntable legend Tenshun and drummer/producer Nathan Hubbard. The trio creates kaliedoscopic music from samples, 16rpm turntables and modular synths. For fans of musique concrete, plunderphonics and skipping exotica records.

Blue Water Ramblers in Concert

The Blue Water Ramblers write and sing traditional music with modern themes. Their repertoire comes right out of life experiences while living in Michigan and touring throughout the Great Lakes region. They write and sing the people’s songs about the people’s lives and they can join right in and sing along. The unique Blue Water Ramblers sound comes across in styles folky to bluegrass, Americana to roots. There is something for everyone to appreciate in a Rambler show!

When A.I. Enters the Concert Hall

What happens when A.I. enters the concert hall in 2023? Composers and experimental musicians have used a range of artificial intelligence technologies to generate new musical works and support their creativity since the 1950s. How have these methods evolved over time and what does the music they influence sound like? Does this technology facilitate new modes of musical expression, or does it, in fact, present obstacles to music making?

After Hours Concert: Timothy Monger State Park

Timothy Monger State Park is a band from Ypsilanti, Michigan fronted by namesake, singer, and guitarist Timothy Monger. Tucked within their musical bouquet of melodic power pop and folk-rock are sprigs of jazz, psychedelia, and vintage soft rock. The six-piece group incorporates instruments like trumpet, violin, and flute into their layered arrangements which also place a strong emphasis on vocal harmonies.

Modular Synthesizer Performance and Discussion with Michael Bierylo

While the modular synthesizer offers endless possibilities for exploring sound, developing and sustaining a live performance can be daunting.

Join us for a live performance and talk by musician and sound designer Michael Bierylo about strategies for developing a cohesive musical form that can be used in a variety of performance situations.

Concert | The Arab Blues

Karim Nagi (Egypt/Chicago) and Rami Gabriel (Lebanon/Chicago) create a dynamic and unique amalgam of traditional Arabic music and Chicago Blues. Authentic Arabic instruments like the Oud, Buzuq, Tublah and Riqq are used along with Guitar and Drum Set to create a sound that could have only been imagined in America. Karim & Rami express their tradition and identity through the compositions and improvisational excursions from their two traditions.

Nerd Nite @ Top of the Park

Gather ‘round for an evening of informed and informal talks from a friendly neighborhood expert! We’ll have three speakers, each presenting on a different topic and sharing interesting facts that you never knew you never knew! Past Nerd Nite speakers have led deep dives into topics from the legacy of Louis Pasteur, to the origin of elements, to how a trumpet works, to a dissection of romance novel tropes. So bring a friend, grab a drink, and enjoy an evening among fellow nerds. Be there and be square!