AADL Talks To: Hollanders

In this episode AADL Talks To Tom and Cindy Hollander, owners of Hollander’s. The specialty paper business formerly resided in Kerrytown from 1991-2020. The business began in Ann Arbor in 1986, when the Hollanders started by running the business out of their home. After many renovations and expansions, the store eventually became a 14,000 square foot site and must-see destination in Kerrytown’s historic Godfrey Building. 

Nerd Nite #71 - How to Avoid Making Art While Still Being an Artist

While drawing in public, I have had countless conversations with random strangers about Art and being an artist, and mostly about how almost everybody thinks they aren’t one and can’t make any. I will endeavor to prove that everyone in the room was or is an artist, I will explain how my father’s desire for peace & quiet in restaurants defused my own Fear of the Blank Canvas, and I will answer the eternal question asked of every sidewalk artist: “But won’t you be sad when it rains?”