New Washtenaw music in the time of quarantine: Volume 6


Blue record player

Image by Rahu/Pixabay

Another round of new releases from Washtenaw County musicians in the age of quarantine. (Visit our mini-guide on livestreams by local artists here.)

Volume one is here.

Volume two is here.

Volume three is here.

Volume four is here.

Volume five is here.

Volume six is below and features music/mixes from Jake Reichbart, Dagoretti Records' Arrington de Dionsyo, Sean Curtis Patrick, MEMCO's Chlorine, and Mogi Grumbles.


Ann Arbor guitarist Jake Reichbart, who recently streamed two solo sets from Blue LLama Jazz Club, posted the following on his Facebook page:

As I'm trying feverishly to come up with new ways to make a buck as I have no income, I came up with this: My entire recorded solo guitar audio output for $100. Includes nearly all 500+ tracks I have recorded for my YouTube channel over the past 10 years, remixed and encoded from the original waves at the highest quality mp3 at 320kbps, plus all the tracks from my solo guitar recording CDs, including my 1999 debut acoustic album "16 Songs", plus several trio recordings and all kinds of other surprises, around 530 tracks all told. You can transfer these to any device for home or car use and enjoy endless hours of great guitar music at the highest quality. The folder is at Dropbox and appears to be around 5GB in size. Please contact me at for more details. Thanks!

Check out Reichbart's clever arrangement of Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls," the 505th solo fingerstyle-guitar video posted to his YouTube channel, and then contact him to purchase and download even more great music.


The "Lockdown Tapes" series by Ann Arbor's Dagoretti Records continues with Arrington de Dionsyo's This Mouthdrum Is My Dragon, two long cuts featuring the Olympia, Washington-based experimental multi-instrumentalist Arrington de Dionsyo wilding out on effects-drenched jaw harps.


Sean Curtis Patrick is a prolific artist during The Normal Times, constantly churning out stunning photographs, films, paintings, pottery, music, and whatever other creative endeavors strike his fancy. He recently released two more extended plays during quarantine, and like the other electro-ambient recordings in the series, every piece is a perfect meditative soundtrack for The Alone Times.


The Michigan Electronic Music Collective (MEMCO) was on a roll pre-quarantine with its "Exposure Series" of DJ mixes. Now, most of the group's energy seems to be focused over at Twitch with a strong run of live DJ sets, but on April 9, Chlorine (one half of KAFKAA) let loose with a 62-minute blend of techno, house, and breakbeats on Soundcloud.


Finally, there's a dreamy new synth-pop instrumental EP by Mogi Grumbles (Ann Arbor's Alex Taam) called Emulator. If you want to see ol' Mogi in action, check out the two excellent performances he did for Pulp's "Tools Crew Live" video series three years ago this month.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.