Are you constantly experiencing stress, burnout, anxiety, beating yourself up for mistakes, fixated on what might happen if you fail? More than likely, your Saboteurs (Mental Stoppers) are running the show and your Mental Fitness is running weak. Mental fitness is your way of experiencing and creating your life. In this workshop, we will unlock new self-discoveries that will increase your inner power, connection, and inner peace. You will leave with practical tips and tools to recover from stress, overthinking, feeling stuck and to strengthen your agility to create with each moment rather than letting the moment create you.

Key Topics:

  • Identify negative thought patterns & explore their impact.
  • Develop mastery over your own mind by building 3 mental fitness muscles.
  • Learn tools to respond to life's challenges from a positive mindset.
  • Reach your full potential for both happiness and success.

Talaat Pasha, Ph.D.By Profession, Talaat Pasha is the director of the Arabic Language Institute at the American Islamic College in Chicago. He holds a Ph.D. in Arabic and Linguistics from University of Utah. He is an education consultant of curriculum and instruction.By Passion, Dr. Pasha is a certified coach and trainer in Personality Types, in Mental Fitness (PQ), in Adventures in Wisdom (to coach kids and teens) and is an instructor of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), He is the founder of PASHA ACADEMY Consulting and Training, to offer life and executive coaching services and facilitate workshops for personal and professional growth.

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