Seed Sampler: Year-Round Herb Garden on AADL.TV

Have you ever wanted fresh herbs in the middle of the winter without having to drive to the grocery store? Or you want to grow plants indoors because you don't have any garden space outside? Follow along with one AADL staff member's experiments to grow herbs in his basement in the cold months. Don't let the lack of space or sun keep you from making winter pesto!

Bright Nights Community Forum | Substance Use and Its Effect on the Brain: Using Neuroscience to Understand Pathways to Addiction and Inform Treatment

Developmental research indicates that certain aspects of brain functioning during adolescence, such as reward processing and impulse control, contribute to risky behaviors, including substance use. Substance use can have neurotoxic effects on the brain and continued use can alter neural function. Thus, identifying risk and protective factors related to substance misuse during adolescence and into young adulthood is an important public health priority.