Open Tech Lab: Physical Computing and Coding

At this drop-in open lab, you can try out any of our guided tech tutorials using a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or micro:bit. You can learn the basics of physical computing (circuitry, motors, LEDs, cameras, sensors) and coding (Python, Scratch, Sonic Pi, Linux commands). This is a great way to learn about modern computing and see what all the excitement is about!

AACME Presents: Maker City Community Build Session

Maker City is a community building collaborative project where we'll be constructing a city from the ground up! AACME is Saturday, May 6th but get a head start on your city building at these build sessions. Create a building, or part of one and we'll add it to MAKER CITY on May 6th!

This event is part of AADL’s Ann Arbor Creative Maker Expo on May 6, 2023. Find out more at

Transgender Day of Visibility 2023: Interview with Game Dev Lily Valeen

For this year's Trans Day of Visibility, join us for an interview with acclaimed local game dev Lily Valeen! We will discuss Lily's hit RPG, "BossGame: The Final Boss is my Heart!" and the experience of being trans in Ann Arbor.

Come for the interview, and take home a zine! Debuting at this event also will be the Trans Day of Visibility zine for 2023, featuring art and writing from the local trans community.

Big Moon Live

This event requires a cloudless night sky! In the case of inclement weather this event will be rescheduled. Stay tuned for weather updates!

Amateur astronomer and astrophotographer Brian Ottum brings the moon to the Downtown Library! Using a telescope and the huge gallery screen in the Lobby, Brian will project an image of the moon – up-close and in real time.  Enjoy a brief talk about astronomy, and be sure to bring all your biggest moon questions!