3D Printing Open Lab

Have something you want to design or print on a 3D printer? This open lab will provide access to the library's 3D printing resources including printers, filament, and design stations!

This lab will allow the time needed to print larger items, as well as an opportunity to ask questions about the library's printers or troubleshoot your own printers.

Electronics Lab: Motors

Learn how motors work and how you can incorporate one in your next electronics project. We will build a simple motor to understand the principles at work before hooking up a hobby motor in a guided project that we will control with code.

As some typing is involved with this program, basic keyboard skills are necessary.

Generative AI for Teaching and Learning: An Opportunity or a Threat?

If done right, Generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT or BARD have the potential to revolutionize the teaching and learning process. But what does “done right” even mean? Join us on a discussion with students, teachers, and experts in generative AI, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of this new AI technologies. Can they help students with better and more diverse learning experiences? Or can they help educators create more effective, personalized educational opportunities?

Microprocessor Showdown with the Raspberry Pi 5

In this self-guided demo, you can try out basic coding and physical computing on several different platforms, including the brand-new Raspberry Pi 5, Arduino, micro:bit, Makey Makey and Circuit Playground. Try your hand at making wearable tech, solar-powered Morse Code transceivers, blackout poetry, computerized object detection, animation with Scratch, livecoding dance music, and much more.